7000 watt Competition Amplifier? Vital Power VP700.1 Overview and Amp Dyno Test [4K]

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Vital Power VP700.1 Amplifier

Other similar amps (current models):
Def Bonce AAK-8000.1D - https://lddy.no/151yf
Crescendo Bass Clef 8K - https://lddy.no/151yg
Crossfire XT 8K - https://lddy.no/151yh

Video Index:
0:00 Intro
0:36 About the Amp
1:02 Not Worthy
1:48 Similar Designs
2:27 Settings and Controls
4:07 Settings for Amp Dyno
5:02 Amp Dyno Tests
8:24 Watt's Inside?
9:13 Pros / Cons
10:20 Extras

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