{718} TL494 As Push Pull Driver for Half Bridge, Full Bridge Operation

TL494 As Push Pull Driver for Half Bridge, Full Bridge Operation . when the pin number 13 (output control pin) is connected to VRef 5 volt, that time this ic works in push pull operation, it provides half of the oscillator frequency of the oscillator section in each channel. when output control pin is connected to ground that time this ic works in parallel operation or single ended operation
i demonstrated how to design #TL494 / TL495 pulse width modulation control ic in switch mode power supply or ATX computer power supply. i explained how to use this ic in push pull mode to drive half bridge or push pull circuit. it can be programmed from 1KHz to 300KHz switching frequency . its frequency depend on RT timing resistance and CT timing capacitor. this is continuation of inverter circuit, tl494 is smps pwm pulse width modulation controller ic to drive push pull driver, it can also drive half bridge

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00:00 Introduction
00:36 what is single ended or parallel operation in TL494
01:24 what is push pull topology
02:02 TL494 half bridge, full bridge and push pull topology
03:05 what is output control pin in TL494
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