8 Ways To Optimise Your Guitar Rig - Improve Your Tone & Reliability From The Studio To The Stage!

In this video Dagan shows us 8 ways you can optimise your guitar rig! Whether you're just playing in your bedroom or packing out Wembley stadium, these suggestions will make your setup more reliable, improve tonality and create a future-proof rig!

Theres nothing worse that having that awful buzzing sound when you're not actually touching the guitar, right? Or tripping over your cable? How about when you get that PERFECT tone but when you pull your pedals out your bag at your next rehearsal you don't know what order to put your pedals?! Or saving up your hard earned money for that iconic 100w Marshall Plexi valve head you've been dreaming of only to find out it's too loud to play at your local club, let alone practice at home! Well fear not, these 8 ways to optimise your guitar rig are the tips and tricks you need to create a bulletproof setup, wether you're a touring musician or just enjoy playing in the house!

Some of these tips and tricks may be obvious, some maybe not so obvious, so feel free to include any of your own in the comments bellow!

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00:00 Intro - Who is this video for?
00:45 1: Use an isolated power supply
03:03 2: Get a wireless system
05:22 3: Use high quality cables
06:42 4: Use a pedalboard
08:49 5.1: Two Notes Torpedo Captor X
12:29 5.2: Two Notes Torpedo Cab M
16:54 6: Use a pedal switching system
18:41 7: Optimise your effects loop
21:53 8: Put your pedals in the correct order
25:06 Final thoughts and outro

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