8000 Points with Keqing OverVape | Energy Amplifier Day 3 - Deceitful Domain | Genshin Impact 2.3

A very late run for the day 3 Energy Amp Event. I'm glad they reran this one but the buffs were butchered due to MHY removing around 50% of the other buffs which reduced team variations and creativity. I personally find Day 3 the easiest because I just hate the Specters moving away, and Rifthounds' clunky hitboxes. lol

Keqing OverVape is basically any electro with the National Team. I used Xiangling instead of Kazuha so I can play Keqing more as a pivot in the middle of the arena for easier dodging. Use Raiden National since it's better and just time rotations right.

XQ and Bei's dmg reduction doesn't work on the Arena Nukes because they're True Dmg.

Server: Asia | AR 58
Welkin Moon, Battle Pass(2), and 100$ Crystal Pack(1)

0:00 Food and Set-up
0:20 Run
1:48 Stats/Build
2:53 Energy Amp Buffs

(GI) Never Ending Performance - Tartaglia Theme(Genshin Concert Ver.)
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