80's Synth Gets New Lease of Life! JX3P + Retroactive PG2K + KIWI 3P

Always the synthwave underdog but the Roland JX3P has a lot to offer. The lesser known sibling of the ubiquitous Juno's this has the addition of an extra oscillator per voice - but you lose the sub, the ability to blend saw and square waves and a lot of MIDI functionality, in its original state at least. It's always played second fiddle - but costs less than half the price so well worth a look.

It doesn't look as good, hasn't got the knobby interface, and doesn't have the kudos of the Junos. But if you want 80s tones... they're all in here. A

Adding the KIWI upgrade brings in tonnes more functions (2 LFOs, 2 Envelopes, MIDI compatibility etc)... then accessing them using the Retroactive PG-2K gives a whole new experience, and definitely brings some genuine 80s character into the modern studio.

.. and yes I give it a hard time - but that's half the fun.. In the end I've bought the thing - so my money's not always where my mouth is :)

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0:00 intro
1:42 It's Just a Bit of Fun!
3:00 How to use the original JX3P
6:06 What's wrong with it?
7:35 Musical Interlude #1 on the unmodded JX3P and PG2K
9:11 The Retroaktiv PG2K
10:03 Its a bit like magic - patch generator
11:28 Musical Interlude #2 Using Chord Mode from the PG2K
12:07 Assign Modes - Macros
13:32 Installing the KIWI 3P
15:13 KIWI 3P with the PG-2K
19:07 What about the envelopes?
20:08 Pattern Generator
21:06 Sequencer - 2 tracks!
23:19 Wrapping it up.

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