#87 Fjord Fuzz - Odin V2

Somehow, some way, Daniel Thornhill has managed to improve upon his already stupendous Odin design to bring us the Odin V2! This iteration features two discrete fuzz circuits, on e for the regular fuzz tone and the other for the octave-up tone. The freedom gained by having two independent allowed Daniel to hand pick slightly different values for the components of eash side resulting in a beautifully tuned pedal, capable of many shades of fuzz and octave. Enjoy!

Find out more here: https://fjordfuzz.no/odin-21/

For my fellow Aussies, pick one up here: https://www.pedalempire.com.au/collections/fjord-fuzz/products/fjord-fuzz-odin-octave-fuzz

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Subtle stereo reverb from Valhalla in post.
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