$99 IKEA SYMFONISK vs. $219 Sonos One: Best Smart Speaker?

Sonos has become a massively successful home audio brand. With its ecosystem of smart speakers you can play music in just one room or connect them all to play throughout your home.

But at its high starting price points, the Sonos line may price many people out. Fortunately, IKEA has created a line of speakers with Sonos that are much more affordable. With a starting price point of $99, is the IKEA SYMFONISK the better buy? Or should you save up to get the $219 Sonos One?

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Interesting in more info?
Sonos One - https://bit.ly/SD_Sonos_One
RTINGS Technical Comparison - https://bit.ly/RTINGS-Sonos-One-Symfonisk


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Videographer/Editor - Austin Nooe
Videographer/Writer/Host - Pete King
Cohost - Ben Schreen


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