A Basic Introduction to NanoVNA - TNG Presentations

So you bought a NanoVNA, or you are thinking about buying one, or you have no idea what it is? This presentation gives a basic introduction into the concept of the NanoVNA with a few demos of the device. The presentation is given by Tom, N8ZM.

00:00 Introduction
2:21 Overview
2:43 What is a NanoVNA
3:07 NanoVNA-H and H4
6:53 NanoVNA S-A-A-2_V2
7:23 What Does a VNA Do
9:06 How do I use that information
12:06 How does a VNA work
16:43 Typical VNA Block Diagram
20:38 How the NanoVNA does it
21:33 NanoVNA Display
23:15 SWR vs Frequency
24:49 Calibration what is it?
30:19 Calibration why is it important?
34:28 Using the Touch Screen Menu
37:01 NanoVNA PC Software Display
42:19 Reflection & Transmission
45:20 NanoVNA and Connections
46:51 Inside NanoVNA
47:26 Bridge Circuit
48:45 NanoVNA Controls
50:39 Bridge Circuit
55:10 Demos
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