A Deep Dive into Privacy Dashboard of Top Android Vendors

Most android vendors designed privacy dashboards before Android 12 to allow users to monitor sensitive behaviors of their installed apps, such as clipboard access, location collection, file operation, etc. However, we conducted comprehensive research about them and found that it is not accurate and complete for most privacy dashboards. Many design or development flaws allow malicious apps to bypass their monitor or report a false alarm for a benign App.Our research dive deep into the implementation of the privacy protection mechanism includes five top vendors and explains the difference of design in the aspect of sensitivity level, operation frequency, and behavior status, etc....

By: Bin Ma, Xiangxing Qian, Wei Wen & Zhenyu Zhu

Full Abstract & Presentation Materials: https://www.blackhat.com/eu-21/briefings/schedule/#a-deep-dive-into-privacy-dashboard-of-top-android-vendors-24791
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