A Delicate Balance | The Science Behind Intelligent Supplement Stack Development | Natrium Health

A Delicate Balance | The Science Behind Intelligent Supplement Stack Development | Natrium Health

This month, your hosts Erika u/NootropicsDepotGuru and Emiel u/Pretty-Chill dive into an exciting conversation about Nootropics Depot’s most complex task: creating effective and synergistic supplement stacks!

Learn about the origins of Nootropics Depot’s sister brand Natrium Health, and the stack development process that goes into each Natrium product. Each month, Erika and Emiel answer listener questions from our Reddit Q&A thread. Tune in to see if your question was featured in this month's podcast episode!

0:00 Introduction
1:23 The Origins of Natrium Health
5:05 The First Big Stack Conundrum
13:14 Stacking As An Art More Than A Science
16:24 Why We Don't Play It Safe
18:16 The Push For Dynamax Plus
23:08 The Essential Task of Bioassaying Stacks
25:14 Acute vs. Non-Acute Effects
31:55 New Product Releases
32:38 Panax Ginseng Leaf Extract Capsules
34:25 Panax Ginseng Root Extract Capsules
36:53 Taurine Capsules
40:53 Dynamax Plus Capsules
45:11 OmegaTAU Capsules
55:07 AvailOm® 50 High DHA Algae Powder
1:03:54 Reddit Q&A

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