A FG Folded Cascode Amplifier

This video describes the basic Floating-Gate (FG) enabled Folded-Cascode Differential Amplifier structure, where the FG elements program both the folded-cascode bias current as well as can be used to tune the input threshold-voltage mismatch for the input nFET transistors, transistors that are not FG elements. The FG voltages change the voltage on the intermediate nodes that are connected to the drains of the input transistors, and that voltage directly couples into the source-to-channel potential governing the input nFET transistors.

A longer paper on this work can be found: V.~Srinivasan, et. al, ``A precision CMOS amplifier using floating-gate transistors for offset cancellation,'' IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol.42, no.2, pp. 280-291, Feb. 2007.

This work received the best paper award from CICC in 2004.
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