A showcase of two Absolare Systems with Kronos, CEC, MSB, Allnic, Echole, Zingali, and Rockport

This is not so much a review but more of a showcase of a fortunate owner's two audio systems, both based around Absolare amplification.

Secondary System
Zingali 115 II Studio Monitors
CD-Pro 2-based DIY CD Transport
Absolare Integrated Amplifier (Hybrid tube/transistor)
Allnic D5000 DHT DAC
Stabilian Audio Rack
Sign Audio speaker cable
Echole Omnia Interlinks
Echole Omina and Albedo power cables

Main System
Rockport Aquila Loudspeakers
Kronos Pro Turntable with Black Beauty tonearm, Air Tight PC-1 MC cartridge, and SCPS-1 accumulator power supply
CEC TL-0 CD Transport
MSB Diamond DAC IV with femtosecond clock and Diamond Power Base
Absolare Phono Preamplifier
Absolare Preamplifier
2x Absolare Single-Ended Triode power amplifier (normally)
2x Absolare Push-Pull Power amplifier with Elrog 845 tubes (currently on loan)
Echole Omnia en Limited Edition Interlinks and power cables
Echole Limited Edition speaker cables
Absolare Custom Stabilium Platform and Pedestals
Echole Limited Edition Power Center
Absolare Custom Acoustic panels on wall and ceiling
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