A Story of Broken People | THE WALTEN FILES

Bon's Burgers was supposed to be a magical place full of fun and excitement, until people started to go missing. Late one night, loud music is heard blaring from the restaurant, and something isn't quite right with the animatronics.

Produced by Chilean filmmaker @Martin Walls and inspired by Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's series, The Walten Files is an analog-horror web series chronicling the mysterious events surrounding Bon's Burgers and the associated animatronic characters.

The series also serves as a love-letter to analog horror; there are countless references and homages embedded within. I was able to locate callbacks to Local58, FNAF VHS, Gemini Home Entertainment, and more!

I've wanted to make this video for MONTHS. The Walten Files is an INCREDIBLY dense series and it means a lot to me; I really wanted to make sure I could get this one right. However, I'm really proud of my recent retrospective on @Battington's FNAF VHS series, and people seemed to really enjoy it, so I finally mustered up the confidence to bite the bullet and make a Walten Files video.

This isn't an analysis or a theory video; it's just a retrospective. Honestly, putting out Walten Files theories is quite intimidating - the fanbase can be very, very passionate, and I fear that I might upset some die-hard fans who don't necessarily agree with my interpretation.

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The Walten Files 1 - Company Introductory Tape: https://bit.ly/3rsk9lq
The Walten Files 2 - Relocate Project: youtu.be/iTFnNOL4hwg
The Walten Files 3 - BunnyFarm: https://bit.ly/3STPuZU
Lucky You: youtu.be/K07tQqEDOfQ
Commercial: https://bit.ly/3fD14KG
Guilty: youtu.be/hDTYwsiz09I
Game Theory: FNAF, The Clue that SOLVES Five Nights at Freddy's! - @The Game Theorists: https://bit.ly/3CtcM3p

(MatPat just always makes his way into my videos XD)


Mirror Temple (Magic Mirror Mix) - Celeste: youtu.be/iKnwVvXkWq0
Donkey Kong Aquatic Ambiance (DKC) - Super Lofi World: https://bit.ly/3fAdqmS
Hell's Whisper (Disgaea)
JR's Ending Theme (Midnight Motorist Remix) - 3FS

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