About my reference setups April 2022

It is that time again I need to update the listing of equipment I use as a reference. And, of course, why I chose the updated equipment.

Contents of this video

00:00 - Intro
00:17 - Start of program
03:01 - What equipment?
04:27 - Reference Setup 3
05:42 - Reference Setup 2 base
06:44 - Front end setup 2b
07:49 - Front end setup 2a
08:55 - Reference Setup 1 baes
09:40 - Reference setup 1b
10:33 - Reference setup 1a
11:02 - The recap
12:37 - The network
15:01 - Auxiliary equipment
16:18 - The wrap

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Chord DAVE and M Scaler review: https://youtu.be/vlWo38gWiG0
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