About my reference setups, July 2022

When I started this series I didn’t think I would make so many of them. The idea was to have a video containing my three reference setups as a reference for you. I think - and hope - that this is the last one for the kitty is truly empty and to be honest, with three main setups and two of them having two variants both monetary and physical space have reached their limits.
Contents of this video

00:00 - Intro
00:33 - Start of program
02:36 - What equipment?
03:51 - Reference Setup 3
05:00 - Reference Setup 2 base
06:09 - Front end setup 2b
07:11 - Front end setup 2a
08:14 - Reference Setup 1 baes
08:58 - Reference setup 1b
10:12 - Reference setup 1a
11:15 - The recap
12:05 - The network
14:28 - Auxiliary equipment
15:45 - The wrap

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