Accelerate 5G Circuit Designs Using Digitally Modulated Signals

Learn how to quickly simulate your designs with digitally modulated signals and get EVM results and output spectrum in few seconds? This short video shows you how!
5G circuits use digitally modulated signals, and Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) is one critical spec that must be met. Designers wish they could simulate and validate EVM quicker especially during the repeated simulations during the design phase.
The good news: You no longer have to wait hours or days to simulate or verify your designs for EVM specs. Now you can do all this quickly and accurately as many times as you wish and display the results in few seconds or few minutes depending on the complexity of the design or system. This is done with the use of Compact Test Signals and Fast Envelope simulation in PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) - along with the distortion EVM calculations.

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