Ace LX-20 Professional Power Amplifier| 2022| Papa Boy

Unboxing of Ace LX-20 Professional Power Amplifier

We got this from Shopee Mall. Here's the link:
It is worth ₱5,759 plus it's shipping fee

Maximum Watts: 1800 watts
Toriodal Transformer Output: 68v – 0 – 68v
Total RMS: 900 watts x 2 channel; 12-15" Speaker
2 Pcs. Built in Mini Fan
Base Impedance: 4 ohms to 8 ohms
Cooling Fan: 2Pcs Air Entrance at the Back / 2 pcs Air Exit in Front
Link Channels: 2 Sockets
Power Consumption: 250 Watts
Power Input: 220 Volts AC
Operation Mode: Mono-Stereo-Bridge
Amplifier Dimension
Length = 44.5 cm
Width = 43 cm
Height = 9 cm
Channel A and Channel B input and speaker out for A & B with mixer input for A & B
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