Add Blue Tooth to an Antique Radio with a Thompson Adapter

Adding Blue Tooth is a trend in the Antique Radio world that is garnering a lot of attention, both good and bad. So how can blue tooth be added to a radio without destroying it's "antiqueness?" There are a few options out there, and most require a lot of prior radio knowledge and soldering skills. But here is an option that was invented long before Blue Tooth was even conceived. It's called a phono adapter, and many were marketed by dozens of manufacturers. If you already have a phono jack on your radio, the option was built in so all you need to do is hook up your Blue Tooth and be done. Here we will restore a Thompson external phono adapter, and in the process you can see how to build one from scratch. The best part is that NO modification has to be done to the radio to use it.

Find the Circuit Diagrams on the Antique Radio Archeology page:
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