Adjusting settings on Anthem MRX 1140 after a reset - Home Theater #28

In this video, I go over the settings I change on my Anthem MRX 1140, wether it is the first time or if I had to reset it.

00:42 Factory reset Anthem MRX1140
01:17 Checking the IP address
02:00 Creating the inputs
02:34 Adding new inputs
02:58 Input settings: Name
03:07 Input settings: Video & audio
03:26 Input settings: Speaker profile
03:41 Input settings: Mode presets
04:06 Input settings: Anthem room correction
04:14 Input settings: Dolby post processing
04:42 Input settings: Lip sync
04:49 Input settings: Input trim
05:05 General settings
05:27 General settings: Max volume
05:41 General settings: Power-on volume
05:53 General settings: Power-on input
06:11 General settings: No signal power off
06:23 General settings: Front panel brightness
06:30 General settings: CEC settings
06:47 General settings: Closing thoughts

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