AI Generated Songs Are About to Change Everything

Artificial Intelligence is starting to make its way into music, and I would expect it to not just be a part of country music songwriting—but society in general—quite soon. Is the industry ready? Who gets paid? Will it be manipulated? Are we ready for fake artists? Is this the end of human songwriting? That's what I'm trying to figure out.

00:00 - First experience with ChatGPT
01:26 - The rise of AI in culture
02:47 - ChatGPT's potential to write songs
04:29 - Generating an ERNEST song
06:36 - Generating a Zach Bryan song
08:57 - Generating a Koe Wetzel song
10:02 - How AI will change the music industry?
12:02 - MASSIVE potential copyright issues
13:29 - Will people believe AI-generated art?
15:06 - Is "Learn AI" the new "Learn to Code"?
16:47 - "Are you natty?" for songwriting
17:24 - Deceased artists and "fake" artists
18:52 - How will AI affect songwriting?
20:05 - Concluding reflections

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