AI Machine Modeling: Capturing Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier

Chance to win a surprise gift just for signing up: Be the first to try AI Machine Modeling. We've pulled another great amp from IK’s private amp vault. This time we pulled a Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier to model using our new AI Machine Modeling technology.

00:00 Introduction
00:08 Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier from IK's private amp vault
00:38 How to capture with AI Machine Modeling
01:31 Comparisons: Real amp vs AI Machine Modeling
03:32 Coming soon

The Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier amp has been heard on countless classic and modern metal albums. With 150 watts of tube-driven power and 3 channels, the Triple Rectifier gives you both raw power and incredible tonal versatility. Go from full-bodied yet pristine cleans to screaming high-gain tones and everywhere between.

In this video we demonstrate the simple steps to create a perfect Tone Model using this iconic amp. Watch how AI Machine Modeling technology faithfully captures every nuance and character. Also, hear the before and after of the real amp vs. the Tone Model version. You won’t believe your ears!

For the first time, using artificial intelligence, Machine Modeling software enables guitar and bass players, without any custom hardware, to model in minutes the sound of any amp, cabinet or combo, plus pedals like distortion, overdrive, fuzz, EQ or boost, all with a new level of accuracy that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

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