Airline / Rauland / Valco 8w Tube PA amp conversion for guitar

This Vintage Airline 94-GDC-7010 under 10w tube amp to guitar amp conversion was found in western United States by Planet of Amps In Cleveland / Akron Ohio. It was then completely serviced and lightly modified by Sam Lease of Valve Pilot electronics in Akron. Since absolutely no images or documentation of any kind has been able to be found after scouring the net, we can assume this was possibly built by Rauland or Valco; who commonly made tube amplifiers for Airline. And as Silvertone is to Sears & Roebuck, Airline was to Montgomery Ward; where the higher quality items were sold between the two department stores.

Rich Moore and Dave Felton (both former guitarists of the heavy metal band Mushroomhead) talk about the amp a bit while Dave Felton Plays guitar thru this Uber Rare Airline tube head amplifier conversion for guitar. Oddly enough the structure of the amp reminds us of an Orange Micro high gain hybrid amplifier but about 50 years older and maybe a little wiser.

6L6 powered
6x5 rectified
6sc7 pre amp
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