Alaap & Bandish, Wireless Hi-Fi Loudspeakers from Sonodyne

The #Sonodyne #Alaap and #Bandish powered speakers are an introduction to our new wireless range. Disarmingly detailed and powerful, they are designed to faithfully reproduce an artist’s musical creation.

Our new range of powered speakers are designed to reproduce digital audio in high fidelity. Today there is readily available musical content on the cloud, which can be accessed through your phone, tablet, PC, or TV. There has been significant improvement in streaming content and quality. To effectively reproduce this vast library, the need arises for high quality loudspeakers.

These loudspeakers have been engineered to reproduce high quality sound while minimising distortion and ear fatigue. The wooden cabinet is rigid and highly braced. This results in minimised vibration. The transducers in conjunction with elaborate crossovers are designed for wide frequency bandwidth response, both on and off axis. The amplifiers are high efficiency, low noise Class D. The entire system is DSP balanced, resulting in effortless sonic reproduction and a wide stereo soundstage.

So if you are looking for endless hours of distortion-free music, look no further for your evolved sound need.

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