AlexB - SP79 GE (azzimov skin promo)

This video demonstrates new skin for AlexB - SP79 GE (Nebula library)

The legendary sound of "the Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd has been mastered with this german console Neumann SP 79 which makes the audio program sound better just by passing through its circuits.

The original Haufe transformers give that detailed, deep, and open sound with solid bass and very natural and balanced mids and highs.

The unit has been completely refurbished and returned to the original as new conditions. This technical intervention restores the unit to the original sound and it can then rightfully be called “vintage”.

With this skin, you'll be able to switch programs on the fly, without losing your settings. It's a huge workflow saver for quick color auditioning, also using LE programs while mixing and HQ at project render with a push of a button.

Nebula skins development supported by patreon.com/azzimov
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PLEASE NOTE: This is unofficial skins. Not connected
with the library developer – Alessandro Boschi (AlexB) in any way.

Dark Side Of The Moon prism animation by Polski Motion Design
Pink Floyd - Speak To Me cover by Martin Miller Session Band

All copyright belongs to their respective owners.
Used in this video for educational purposes.
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