All In One Modulation Machine! GFI System SYNESTHESIA + Preset Pack

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This is a collection of 15 presets created for the award winning GFI System SYNESTHESIA pedal. This is one of the multi effects pedals out in the market and covers most if not all modulation needs. With it's unique algorithms and sound, this pedal will surely give tons of hours of fun playing time and also become a must for all profesional and studio situations.

We created a collection that covers all the basic modulation tones that you would need from Choruses, flangers, autowahs and also some fun and unique tones and modulations that you can get from this pedal like Ambient Shimmers, Old Tape machines. We also included some tones that are widelly used in worship music such as Octave Leads and Vibratos that pair great with Delays and Reverbs. (check out our GFI System Specular Tempus pack!)

Remember, this pedal sounds great in both mono and stereo, but we prefer to use it in stereo. Because wider is of course better! And as we always like to say. Presets are just starting point, tweak and season to taste!
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