All TWiT.tv Shows (Audio) - This Week in Enterprise Tech 500: Atlas on Cloud Nine

Deepfake spear phishing, unpatched systems vulnerability, MongoDB on the evolution of data storage tech, and more.

A new, remarkably sophisticated malware is attacking routers
Criminals use deepfake videos to interview for remote work
Arduino launches IP40-rated Edge Control Enclosure Kit with on-board LCD user interface
A world-first computer chip transmits data via sound waves rather than electrons
Cyberattacks via unpatched systems cost organizations more than phishing
MongoDB SVP of Cloud Products Andrew Davidson returns to talk more about MongoDB and the evolution of data storage technologies

Hosts: Louis Maresca (https://twit.tv/people/louis-maresca), Brian Chee (https://twit.tv/people/brian-chee), and Curt Franklin (https://twit.tv/people/curt-franklin)

Guest: Andrew Davidson (https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewad/)

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