All You Need To Know About TRANSISTORS To Fix Stuff! How Transistors Work Test In & Out of Circuit

LER #234 *All you need to know about TRANSISTORS to fix stuff* This is the 6th video in this series looking at common components and circuits, from the perspective of a repair hobbyist / technician.

In each video I hope to teach you all you need to know about the most common way in which components and circuits fail, and how to test and diagnose these faults.

00:00:00 Chapter 1 - Intro
00:03:44 Chapter 2 - Identifying And Testing Transistors Out Of Circuit
00:27:27 Chapter 3 - Transistors And Heatsinks
00:30:10 Chapter 4 - Photo Transistors
00:30:38 Chapter 5 - Silicon And Germanium Transistors
00:32:09 Chapter 6 - How Transistors Work
00:47:15 Chapter 7 - What Goes Wrong
00:52:19 Chapter 8 - How To Test Transistors In Circuit
01:00:35 Chapter 9 - Testing Transistors With A Voltmeter
01:06:47 Chapter 10 - Epilogue

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