Alternate Wish Animation - Jean | Genshin Impact

Here's Jean's alternate wish animation! Technically the "last" one in the series, so I tried my best to make it look pretty dope (also totally not because I had to go extra tryhard mode to make jean's stand out because she almost has nothing that much going for her T_T)

THIS IS FANMADE, I made this, but use may use it if you wish for any videos/projects (I'll appreciate if you credit me)

So this is probably like the most effort I put into once since the first one that I did for Itto (since I had to make everything from scratch in the beginning haha). Like the little slide animation and having to do sound design for this video. Overall this is pretty much my "best" one in a way.

Hopefully you guys liked this Genshin Impact video and do share it if you liked this alternate wish animation!


outro music:

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