Aluminum Neck Bass Bi-Amped Sunn Head Doom Improv

In this video I'm playing my custom Aluminum neck bass into a Sunn Coliseum Lead and Sunn Concert Bass head. The bass is a Fender style parts bass with a Baguley neck and Dimarzio Dp-127 split blade pickup. The Sunn Coliseum Lead is running into an Ampeg 6x10 and the Sunn Concert Bass is running into a Peavey 2x15. The others amps, pictured to the left of the Sunn amps, are not used in this video.
Interesting things to note is that the Sunn Coliseum Lead head has way more low end output than my Sunn Concert Bass head. when played through my 6x10, it really has an incredible amount of bass. I'm unsure if my Sunn Concert Bass head may have been modified or tweaked before I acquired it. i say this because it is more of a mid range beast than a low end one. either way, I think they sound great when used together in unison. This phone video doesn't do the sound or feeling any justice.
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