Amazing Sound of The Old Tube - AD-1 Single Ended triode Tube Power.

I just tried to make Single Ended Power for the old Philips AD-1 tube that I got a long time ago with NOS conditions.
I am trying to wind the coil of the Output Transformer. Options for this are 2K5 with Va 250Vdc - Vg -45Vdc - Ia 60mA with Rk750ohm. expected Pout 4 watt.
For the driver, I tried an old Valvo EL-11 Tube with a pentode on the circuit.

time by time, my prototype of AD-1 SET tube power starts to break in, and a beautiful sound is heard. I don't feel bad about the homemade OPT. It's pretty fun. as you can hear in this video.
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