Amazing Twin Audio Visualizer to the rescue

This Twin Audio Visualizer is nothing other than amazing. It includes a Teensy microcontroller board that drives 2 displays simultaneously at a very high speed. Combined with a Teensy Audio Board, it is capable of doing a frequency analysis of the Audio in realtime to create a Stereo spectrum analyzer of 69 Channels.

Yep you understood me correctly! 69 channels in stereo…so that’s actually 138 frequency bins. On top of that, we will be displaying a stereo VU meter on the second display. So more or less we are really dealing with 140 channels.

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With age, soldering is becoming harder and harder on the eyes. I good microscope for soldering is an absolute must have and I don’t have one yet. If you have an idea on a good one or you want me to try one, please contact me.

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