Amazing Value Subwoofer Amp? Leiges Audio TG-500.1D Amazon Cheap Bass Amp [4K]

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Leiges Audio TG-500.1D
Cheap Amazon Car Audio Subwoofer Amp
Shop: (affiliate link)
Handheld Dyno SMD AMM-1:

Link to DIY Audio Guy's Video:

Video Index:
0:00 Intro
1:21 Unboxing
3:14 Features/Specs
4:02 Amp Dyno Settings
4:49 Amp Dyno Tests
8:10 What's Inside?
8:58 Do it Bump Doe?
10:07 DIY Audio Guy
11:05 Thermal Imaging
11:27 Pros/Cons
12:08 Final Thoughts
12:46 Extras

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