Amazon's Best Seller: Fosi Audio TP-02 Subwoofer Home Audio Amplifier

Today we tested a mini home subwoofer amplifier from Fosi Audio. This amp was to replace a 300 watt BASH plate amplifier that died for my CNC’ed subwoofer utilizing an Image Dynamics IDQ12 in a ported enclosure. This amp is a top seller on Amazon and at the time of this video was priced less than $70. The amplifier states it will do 220 Watts MAX output which is usually a bad sign. The instruction manual states that it won't really do that power output in a snippet. It's a bit confusing what the power ratings are. What is the true power output?

The Fosi Audio TP-02 incorporates the Texas Instruments TDA7498E chip and NE5532 operational amplifier for excellent sound quality. The amplifier includes a 24V 4.5A adapter, based on the math alone 220 watts isn’t possible.

We tested the amp using the included AC/DC adapter at 2 ohms and 4 ohms, then measured frequency response, we also did some audio playback tests so you can see the amplifier in action.

You can now use you car audio subwoofer in your home!

Features of the Fosi Audio TP-02 amplifier:
Limited frequency response for subwoofer use
Variable Low Pass Subwoofer Frequency Control
RCA Line Level Output for Powered Subwoofers
Banana Plug Jacks for Speaker Outputs
Aluminum Enclosure
Excellent feel potentiometers

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00:00 Introduction
00:55 Fosi Audio TP-02
01:18 Buttkicker use
01:27 Unboxing
01:39 Inputs and Outputs
01:50 Front control panel
02:06 Potential output based on math
02:27 Output limitation statement
02:33 Dimensions
02:46 Amplifier internals
03:24 Amplifier testing
03:59 Odd amplifier behavior
04:32 Optimized output
04:49 TDA7493E specifications
04:57 Frequency response sweep
05:12 IDQ12 playback test
05:59 Review overall opinion
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