AM/FM VACUUM TUBE RADIO REPAIR - Let's Fix It - Why is it Silent? Star-Lite 1964 Part 1 [4K]

This 1964 vacuum tube radio receiver gets checked out but does not make any sound. Let's go through it carefully and see if we can fix it.

This Star-Lite radio seems to be relatively rare as there is little mention of it on collectors' database sites I have looked at. It is complete but has some cosmetic veneer peeling and a problem with the cord, but it does not work.

See the checklist which appears, when status changes, for tracking what is discovered that needs addressing in Red, followed by Green when resolved.

This is the first part of a video series on this radio. Please take a look at the Playlist for this radio where other parts will be listed as they are released. They will follow topics of the road to recover for this radio.

This is not instruction, it is for entertainment for people like me who enjoy watching projects and the experiences gained. If you attempt to do some of the things in this video you at your own risk. I am using special tech-bench safety equipment not detailed here so don't take for granted you can just plug these old items in safely without them being repaired correctly. Check out the link below to Mr Carlson's Lab video.

Acknowledgments and References:

Awesome discussion of bench safety including variacs and isolation transformers by Mr Carlson's Lab (highly recommended):

Modification method for a commercial Tripp Lite isolation transformer for tech-bench use by Todd Harrison, his channel is called ToddFun:

Schematic: Sams Pub. Set 705, Folder 9, July 1964
Camera: Canon G7X Mark III
Mic: Rode Micro
Video Editing Software: Power Director
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