Amp Time! FROST: Clapp 15 Class A Push Pull 15


Something new and a bit special from Tasmania this way comes! The Frost Clapp 15 combo is the clever work of Frost Amp's Tim Krushka and offers a duet of 'proper' Class A (9W) or Class A/B (15W) delivery through an Eminence Red Coat ...or any other speaker you may prefer. Good fun!

Here's the deal:

➢ Cascode Pre-Amp -- This configuration provides the advantages of a pentode valve without the drawbacks.
➢ Tremolo -- Tremolo is switchable on front panel or by provided foot switch.
➢ Bright Switch toggle -- Boost treble at lower volumes.
➢ On-Board EQ -- Tailor your tone with bass, mid and treble controls and a defeat switch on bass control.
➢ Effects Loop
➢ Pre-Amp & Master Volume -- Clean to overdrive transition is totally controllable at any loudness level.
➢ Hammond (Canada) Paper Bobbin Output Transformer -- 4, 8 or 16 ohm outputs
➢ Lightweight 12" Neodymium Speaker On-Board -- Other speakers can be custom fit upon request.
➢ Anodised Aluminium Chasis -- Welded corners for strength and corrosion resistance.
➢ 12AX7 and 12AU7 Pre-Amp Valves
EL84 or Russian Mil Spec 6P14P Output Valves
➢ Input and Output Jacks -- All Cliff (UK) gold plated
➢ Generously Rated 1W Carbon Film Resistors Throughout
➢ Polypropylene and Silver-Mica Capacitors
➢ Hand-Wired -- Meticulously wired by hand using aviation spec PTFE wire and gold plated turret boards.
➢ Personal Customer Service & Lifetime Technical Support -- Provided by founder & owner of Frost Amps, Tim Krushka
➢ 24 Month Warranty -- 2 month warranty on tubes
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