Amplifier - Amplifier (2004) Full Album

Debut album of the british(Manchester) Stoner Rock band Amplifier.

1. Motorhead 00:00
2. Airborne 06:17
3. Panzer 14:48
4. Old Movies 21:53
5. Post Acid Youth 27:45
6. Neon 33:52
7. On/Off 38:11
8. The Consultancy 44:47
9. One Great Summer 49:48
10. UFOs 55:47

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Amplifier is:
Sel Balamir – Guitar, vocals and co-production
Neil Mahony – Bass
Matt Brobin – Drums

Matt Steele – Electric Piano on "Old Movies" and reverse piano on "On/Off"
Claire Lemmon – Backing vocals on "Neon"
Mike Vennart and Steve Durose – Backing vocals on "Panzer" and "UFOs"
Steve Lyon – Co-production
Chris Sheldon – Mixing
Max Dingle – Assistant mixing
Chris Blair – Mastering

"Originally released by Music For Nations on June 6, 2004, it was re-released by the German-based label SPV in May 2005 after the collapse of the former. The Music For Nations release came in two formats: jewel case with 10 tracks, and digipack with 13 tracks. Unlike normal special editions, the 13-track version's bonus tracks are in the middle of the album, apparently forming the "true" album as the band intended it. The SPV release contains a bonus EP with four additional tracks (all previously released) and videos of two songs from the original.

The critical reception of the album was generally positive, with comments such as:

"A British rock-scene altering record. Enjoy it in all its infinite glory" Kerrang!

"No other record this year will have the audacity to field such lofty ambitions, let alone have the skills to fulfil them" NME" - Wikipedia ( )

Released June 6, 2004

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