AMPLIFY RESTOCK...BUT IS IT THE SAME? | *actually* honest alphalete review + DISCOUNT CODE?!

WOO guys you can now use my support code Amy with alphalete as a discount code for 10% off yeeehawww. As always a very in depth review of the amplify restock on June 11th at 6pm UK time. If there is anything not in this video that you want to know comment below or message me on IG and I will get back to you. Really hope this helps and thankyou for the support as always you guys are the best! Will be doing loads more in IG through the week including colour comparisons.

Discount + support code- Amy

Previous hauls featuring the other colours: - pink/French blue both shorts and leggings - mocha leggings - black/titanium - chocolate/pier blue
Cannot for the life of me find my original evergreen try on :( grrrr!!

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thanks for watching xxxxx
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