An Exclusive Tour of a Top 40 Recording Studio - Red Squared Audio

In this exclusive tour of Red Squared Audio, learn how this small recording studio produces enormous, commercial quality - Top 40 - sound.

Daniel Ruth, co-founder of Red Squared Recording Studio, believes good things come in small packages. With over 20 years in the music business, Daniel has taken Red Squared Audio to new heights, producing Acoustic Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Americana music - and now television.

Daniel's mantra is 'start with good tone and trust what you hear'.

In addition to running Red Squared Studios, Daniel plays guitar alongside his wife, co-founder of Red Squared, and lead singer, in the band Nu-Blu. Nu-Blu is a North Carolina Bluegrass band and has released four Top Ten Billboard Albums.

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0:00 The Pulse Intro
0:10 Welcome to Red Squared Audio
1:46 The Main Recording Booth
4:24 Custom Areas in The Studio
5:08 Studio Mixing

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