Analog 1 FET BF 256A sine wave radio oscillator 116 KC - 2 MC definite schematic & demo

Please read the textbox/description. The final schematic of a 1 N-FET analog sine wave radio oscillator made with one N-FET, the BF256A.

First video is here

It now works between 116 KC and (say) 2 MC or 2.5 MC (in this setup) but can also work on much higher frequencies with smaller inductances.

Also on lower frequencies with coils that have a higher inductance compared to the showed pancake coil, say coils with a ferrite core. Test, try, experiment(!). Change say the 10 N capacitor to a higher value to get lower than 116 KC.

Say usable for a shortwave radio as Local Oscillator. Try, test, do some experiments to get to higher or lower frequencies with this setup. I am always interested in your experimental results.

Everything is told in the video, also the frequencies that you can reach with the pancake coil that is showed in this video.

Earlier relevant video about this 1 transistor FET radio oscillator:

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