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Get detailed understanding of the Bytello Education Software :
Android Module Education operating system is a collaborative education OS for various whiteboard application for interactive displays for learning. Android Module OS is purposefully designed for teachers to engage students with compelling content. It also provides various class activity templates for student engagement. From math and science to music and preparatory educational games, educational tools make every subject vivid and engaging. Shapes, tables, mind-maps and more help teachers deliver better classes. Teachers can import images, video, PowerPoint presentations and other multimedia files. Teachers can also make courseware on their computer and switch to class mode for preview. Over all its a very useful OS system for interactive innovative classroom sessions.

SWASTIKK SYSTEMS brings an exclusive product MAXHUB - INTERACTIVE FLAT PANEL and Education Software Solutions like Android OS, Bytello, Easi Note 5, etc. to educational institutions in Assam and North East Indian States, with an Audio Visual Solution for Classrooms, Conference Rooms, Meeting and Presentation Halls etc. Its an all in one solution which replaces the projector, projector screen, video camera, mic, computer/laptop, mouse, white board, internet, wifi systems, etc. with a MAXHUB Interactive Flat Panel for presentations, online interaction and many more. Less of wires web, low maintenance services and multi tasking panel is indeed a very powerful solution. All your Conferences, Meeting sessions, Educational Classes, Virtual Classes, Digital Classrooms, etc. can be easily handled by just one electronic device i.e. MAXHUB marketed by Swastikk Systems.

Swastikk System is also one of the best solution provider for Office Printing Solutions, Video conferencing, Smart classroom, Presentation & Displays, Power back up solution and many more...
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