Annoying Loudspeaker Announcements #thailand

Annoying Loudspeaker Announcements.
It is common to find speakers on concrete poles in Thai villages otherwise known as Moo Baan. These speakers are used as a medium for announcement by the village head who is locally referred to as PuYaiBaan. The speakers can be heard playing local loud music in the evenings and early mornings, as a way of calling on the attention of villages to listen to the information the village head has to say. The loud sounds from the speaker often irritates foreign expats who live in this villages. The video presents three reasons why every expats must tolerate the loud noise from the speakers.
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00:00 - Introduction: Loud Speakers in Thailand, Town Criers in Europe, Africa
1:16 - Reasons why speakers are mounted on concrete poles-medium of communication
1:46 - The speaker is used by the village head to talk about upcoming ceremonies
2:19 - The village head also use the speaker to give announcements about emergencies
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