Anthem MRX 740 & 1140 AV Receiver Bench Test Results!

This is a full bench test report of the new Anthem MRX 740 & 1140 AV receivers. The MRX740 retails for $2,899 and has 11 channels of processing with 7 channels of amplification (140wpc x5, 60wpc x2) while the MRX1140 retails for $4,000 and has 15 channels of processing and 11 channels of amplification (140wpc x 5, 60 wpc x 6).

1140 Upgrade from 740:
11 to 15CH processing (wides support)
7CH to 11CH internal amplification (140wpc x 6, 60wpc x6)
Dual independent subwoofer outputs
Torodial Power Supply

0:00 Introduction
1:03 Note About Measurements
1:30 Heco 5.1 Speaker Giveaway
3:43 MRX740 has 11CH of processing
4:00 Preamp Performance
9:12 Analog Bypass?
10:58 Bass Management
14:21 Amplifier Performance
19:10 Class D Amp Performance
20:43 Power Table Results
21:40 Amplifier Matrix
23:10 Anthem vs Competiton

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