Anthony Gallo Nucleus 5.1 Home Theater - OfferUp $400 - MSRP ~ $2,300

Anthony Gallo Nucleus 5.1 Home Theater - OfferUp $400 - MSRP ~ $2,300

Average Guy HiFi Rating - 38.5/50 = 77%

Demo: Tron: Legacy (the Grid scene)

Amazon link:

What was included:

Anthony Gallo Nucleus x5

Type: One-Way Full-Range Driver
Minimum Frequency Response: 100Hz
Peak Power Handling: 100 watts
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 89 dB
Driver: 3” Full Range
Dimensions (inches): 4” Sphere
Weight: 1.75 pounds

MSRP x5 Speakers ~ $1,500 (~ $300 each)

MSRP Stands ~ $800 (~ $200 each)

Total MSRP ~ $2,300

Also came with a broken Anthony Gallo Subwoofer, but since it doesn’t work, I removed it from the MSRP ~ $500

Website Listed For Sale - OfferUp

Where I Purchased - Front porch of someone’s home, to avoid any physical contact during these crazy times.

Listed Price - $400

Price Paid - $400

Condition - 90% (not counted in the score)

Quality - 8.5

Very high quality speakers, which was definitely expected from a company like Anthony Gallo.

The cabinets are heavy for their size, the binding posts are very sturdy feeling and the driver is nice.

The stands are also VERY sturdy and high quality.

Sound - 7.0

These are very nice sounding speakers. They are clear at low volumes and pretty dynamic at higher volumes.

This shouldn’t even need to be said but these types of speakers require a subwoofer, to show off their potential.

MSRP Rating - 6.5

At roughly $2,800 MSRP for this set, with the sub, it definitely isn’t cheap.

Anthony Gallo makes luxury speakers with a high emphasis on looks and performance. These types of speakers definitely come at a premium.

You can definitely get better/bigger sound for less. The people that buy these types of speakers know this going in though.

Aesthetics - 8

About as minimal styled speakers as you’ll ever find, that still offers high quality sound.

The people that buy these are looking for small speakers like this, are looking for the sound to blend into the room and have very limited visual impact.

With that said, I actually think they are a little too small for my tastes but again, that’s the point.

Price Paid Value - 8.5

This was a pretty crazy deal! The nice gentleman that I bought it from were just looking to sell them off before a move.

This set was well maintained and kept. Anthony Gallo rarely pops up in my area and when they do, they are generally snatched up by audiophiles quickly.

I was lucky to have grabbed this set at this price.

Average Guy HiFi Rating - 38.5/50 = 77%

Other Equipment Used:

Receiver- Lexicon RV-6
Amplifier - Monolith 5X
TV - LG C9 OLED 65”
Blu-ray Player - Xbox One X
Surge Protection - Panamax M5400-PM
Subwoofer - Velodyne DD12BG
Fans - AC Infinity T10 x2
Speaker Wires - MediaBridge speaker and subwoofer cables

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