Antique Car Stereo Bluetooth Audio Retrofit with ESP32 - Part 4 of 4

Chapter four was not planned, but I was simply not happy with the outcome of the installation. There was, even with the abundant shielding, too much noise from the installed components, compounded with the de-tuning of the RF section by its close proximity to it. This was aggravated by the fact that it was an obstruction, providing no way to return the coils with the added equipment.

In the very first chapter i'd mentioned an alternate location for the components, forward and to the left, where no electronics exist. I'd avoided this as it was a more difficult option but now it was the only way to do this acceptably.

The board was removed and the ESP32 was relocated. Testing at regular intervals it was determined that both the ESP32 AND the regulator was effecting the RF section, so both of those were relocated. The DAC and mux remained on the circuit board, though the board was shifted away from the RF section.

the result was a complete removal of the artifacts even without the addition of internal shielding. also, the coil adjustments were no longer obstructed.

Phil's Library ESP32-A2DP

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