Antiquity Guitar Amps - Awesome & Affordable Practice Guitar Amps!

Dagan checks out the awesome new electric guitar amp range from Antiquity! The definitive choice for players who are just starting their guitar journey but not wanting to break the bank, Antiquity amps are impressively affordable dual-channel combo amplifiers that delivers both great sounds whilst effortlessly catering to any playing style or technique users are learning.

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Refined in size and featherlight in weight, Antiquity Amps can be simply moved and stored away, making it a must-have for home practising whilst also not taking up too much space in rooms.

Omitting 10, 15 & 30 Watt output so players can hear themselves clearly whilst practising, these amps come with both a clean and drive channel to suit every style. Whereas the onboard adjustable spring reverb in some models allows players to add a little bit of charisma to their licks, taking their guitar tone to new heights.

0:00 Intro
0:45 Who Are Antiquity & Why They're Awesome!
1:06 What Antiquity Amps Are Available
1:25 30 Watt ATG-30R
5:50 15 Watt ATG-15R
8:35 10 Watt ATG-10

In addition, the onboard headphone output enables you to practice at any time of the day without disturbing the neighbours. Whereas the built-in 3-band EQ enables players to easily adapt and refine their sound to their exact requirements.

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