APAN 54 Day 4 Network Engineering: Network Technologies

Location : Jinan, China
Date : 25th August 2022

Link to Presentation: http://www.jp.apan.net/meetings/2203-BD/index.html

Session Chair: Panjai Tantatsanawong 

Xing Li 
Try to make IPv6-only a reality
The IPv6-only is the technical trend of the Internet. But when can we turn off the IPv4 for the academic networks? This presentation will try to find answers.

Hirotaka Sato 
APAN-JP updates                             
Updates from APAN-JP(AS7660). This talk will include as follow:  1. Backbone update: how the backup paths built in recent years.  2. GXP-Tokyo: current status and plans.  3. perfSONAR: 100G perfSONAR plan and restarting GXP MaDDash Dashboard.  4. P4: the latest challenge in APAN-JP NOC.

Hyunsook Kim 
KOREN Technical Update                           
KOREN has been continuously striving to apply state-of-the-art technologies including AI to our network since '20. This presentation will cover the overall system architecture of the KOREN AI-based network management system. The AI-based optical signal anomaly detection for T-SDN and AI-based abnormal traffic detection for IP-SDN in detail. In addition, we will share your lessons learned from real system operation cases and future plans.
Ryan Ng 
HKIX Development and HKIX-R&E Updates at APAN54                  
HKIX Research and Education (HKIX-R&E) Network was started and operated by HKIX since 2008. The main purpose of HKIX-R&E is to facilitate those NRENs have presence in Hong Kong to do interconnections among themselves and do peering with commercial networks at HKIX more easily and at a lower cost. HKIX have a new core site of HKIX1c with VXLAN EVPN deployed now and will support 400G for both HKIX and HKIX-R&E network.
HKIX plan to have a major network upgrade in 2024, the speaker would share about the VXLAN EVPN deployment experience, the upgrade plan for HKIX and HKIX-R&E network.

Steve Lee , Fred Pang , Ryan Chan 
Hong Kong Academic and Research Network (HARNET) R&E Node Updates  
The Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC), the consortium of the tertiary institutions of Hong Kong, has launched the Hong Kong Academic and Research Network (HARNET) Research & Education (R&E) Node at MEGA-i in March 2018, which serves as a Research and Education hub for the Hong Kong. HARNET R&E Node is a long-term initiative with goal of connecting Hong Kong academia and research networks with global ones. Recently, we have joined the APNIC Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF) Project on Developing a Collaborative BGP Routing Analyzing and Diagnosing Platform. This presentation provides the latest updates and the infrastructure of the HARNET R&E Node.
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