Apple Advanced Technical Training | IPhone Repairing Course | IPhone IPad MacBook Repair Course

Our Course Module
Module 1
First Month (In Kerala)
* Introduction to basic electronics
* Identify Components (Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Inductor, Transformer etc)
* Multimeter usage and Calibrator
* Introduction to SMTs
* Introduction to SMD components
* Identifying Typical Values Of Components
* Introduction to basic tools and machines
* Reballing of ics
* Individual Electronics Project

Module 2
Month 2 & 3 (Dubai, UAE)

* Repair Software Tutorial
* Study and Usage of DC Power Supply
* Tools, Equipments, and their Usage
* Touch and Screen Replacement Technique For All Models
* Diagnosing Faults with Battery, Flex Cables, Camera, Connectors Etc
* Safe Replacement Methods for All Peripherals and Flex Cables
* In depth Study of Flow Charts and Circuit Diagrams for All Models
* Soldering and Mounting SMD Chips using microscope
* Diagnose and trace VDD & VCC short
* Diagnose and Repair Common IC Problems (Audio, WiFi, Charging, Touch etc)
* Jumper solutions And technique
* Pad trouble shooting
* Repair technique for pasted (Glued) ic
* Real time and time sensitive trouble shooting sessions
* Fault finding
* Baseband and network repair techniques
* Disassembly and Reassembly of motherboard for all models
* Face ID repair
* Screw-hole damage and error 9 repair
* AirPod and Apple Watch repair
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