Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 512 GB - GOLD - UNBOXING and my opinion

Hello, I love talking about products and describing them through reviews after small periods of use. I will always give my honest opinion about each individual product regardless of which category it belongs to. I will present as clearly and explicitly as I can my opinions about products related to barbershop (it's what I love, what I do and what calms me down), audio systems (these being a hobby for me, I relax with good music and quality devices that reproduce the quality that I expect so that I like to talk about them. Moreover, when I change my smartphone or upon the purchase of one or more, I will always leave my opinion through a review here about them. In the last phase learning about PC/computers from a young age I will share with you some of my experiences about it when the occasion arises.Thank you and I hope we develop a beautiful friendship.
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