Arduino Audio Delay Project. Full design and programming (part 1)

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This is a long-form project video with all circuit and firmware work developed on camera.

The project has examples of using an Arduino Nano for analogue input and digital output, performing digial to analogue conversion, using SPI and level shifting audio.

In this, the first part, I build a circuit with he Nano that performs some elementary audio sampling, a very small but measurable delay and plays that audio back at low fidelity.

Later in the project I intend to improve the sampling, regulate the playback, filter the audio properly, extend and make configuratble the delay and build a user interface.

Let me know down below if you like these long-format tutorial-style videos, or prefer a simple brief-and-show-results approach.

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0:00 Welcome & PiStormST update
1:26 Introduction
3:55 Components & initial circuit design
19:27 Initial breadboarding
24:38 PCBWay Price Reductions!
25:30 Firmware: programming a sine wave
32:31 Firmware: driving the SPI DAC
38:42 Testing the output on on the scope
41:32 Firmware: sampling input with an analogRead()
43:31 Testing with audio input
45:35 Testing with audio output too
48:09 Theory: adding a delay
49:52 Firmware: adding a delay
55:16 Measuring the sampling frequency
56:42 Testing the delay
59:05 Summing up
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