Are Amp Sims FINALLY rivalling REAL amps? | VC326

We're undergoing a bit of a renaissance lately with a bunch of super-affordable amp sims that sound great for DIRT CHEAP! Grab the SMG Savage Grooves Pack on sale until SUNDAY NIGHT at:

0:00 Smart! For a Drummer...
0:50 Quality Tones For Cheap
2:28 Grindstein Blending For Sick Tones
3:52 Blending Tones For Bass
4:34 DSD vs PCM
6:21 Dream Studio Equipment
7:45 SMG Savage Grooves Ultra
9:47 Speaker Cab Recommendations
10:47 Speaker Cab Wood/Build Type
12:30 GGD Cali Cabs
13:24 Slate Virtual Mics
14:14 New Drum Library in the Works
16:05 IRs in Series
16:34 IR Cabs and Mics Change Tone Greatly
16:54 Zilla IR over Jens Bogren IR
17:12 Warm Up Cold Hands
17:55 Audio Assault Amp Sims
18:17 Pro Tools...
18:20 Long-Time Viewer
19:01 Bring Proof of Disagreement
19:27 SMG Savage Grooves Ultra Recap
20:00 Outro & Outtakes

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